when he was last in government Tony Abbott said ”PAID PARENTAL LEAVE will happen over this Government’s Dead Body” …this can only mean…. that Tony… killed John Howard?? …. now who wants to take tone Snorkeling

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s-c-out said: hey I absolutely love your blog! just wondering, do you identify with a particular religion?


Thank you :3

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imma-cool-kid said: Hey cherry! I just wanted to at thank you! I am a Gemini but I am also introverted an I suffer from a lot of anxiety. Before I read your blog I thought that all of this astrology and zodiac stuff was bullshit but then I read a few of your in depth posts about Geminis, ya know the ones with the pretty pictures, and it made me realize that 1. Astrology is super cool and should be respected more and 2. So many things go into making me who I am. Thank you for existing.


thanks so much.♥♪♫¸¸.☆  yeah

it should be respected a lot more… people judge it or disregard it without ever taking the time to study it… the church won! the church won„, this is what annoys me… it was not scientists or modern society who diminished the importance of astrology out of relevance or fact, it was the church who banished it for being so accurate. so anyone who claims they believe in science, and thats why they dont use astrology, is following the propaganda from the church. i bet theres not a person in the world who after studying astrology, does not believe it. i truly believe its the closest communication and reunion we can have with the infinite/soul
thanks so much for reading our blog xxx
-C. *hugs*

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Anonymous said: u post pics of skinny girls but ur not even skinny



I mean, there a million things I could say to this, but what I don’t understand is what my appearnce has to do with the pictures I reblog?? Like, am I not allowed to reblog a picture of someone with blonde hair because I don’t have blonde hair? I just…

u post pics of a book and  youre not even a book

what gives????

i think we should be mindful of what the coalition has planned for the number of unemployed people that will not be able to find work and starve. it wouldnt surprise me if suddenly we were flooded with advertisements (specifically targeting young people) persuading the desperate to join the military. statesman tony and world leaders have been crying poor and they know war generates money, they are just bulking up the armed forces inadvertently cause he cant bring in conscription. i guess he did make our largest military purchase in history. he’ll get a war if he wants to keep putting his stupid foot in his mouth and insulting china, russia and indonesia. good luck to the kids in nerang and mt druitt tho.

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My body is made up of saltwater and wishes, and a thousand star fish that try to mimic the constellations. And sometimes, that’s all I ever want to do: imitate the sky so that you can find a home somewhere within me.
— Megan Madgwick (via petrichour)

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The architecture of GOD. The universe is created by a consciousness which manifests in physical reality through a blueprint that we call Sacred Geometry … Just feel the energy !!!~ Keeper of The Platinum Ray


The architecture of GOD. The universe is created by a consciousness which manifests in physical reality through a blueprint that we call Sacred Geometry … 
Just feel the energy !!!

~ Keeper of The Platinum Ray

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We meet ourselves time and again in a thousand disguises on the path of life.
Carl Jung  (via the-art-0f-living)

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